My story!

I'm Giouli!


I have always been a strong woman who mostly listened to her mind and not her body. The need to combine professional and personal life and do it perfectly well caused me a suffocating pressure that magically disappeared at the end of the day with a glass of wine. My relationship with alcohol has always been special but never abusive. I wasn't a morning drinker, nor did I drink every day, but over time alcohol bothered me and while I was constantly deciding to cut back or control it, I wasn't successful. There was always an excuse that kept me from my goal. Every week I made promises about diet, less alcohol, exercise and never kept them.


This vicious cycle of intense internal dialogue with myself was something I had to leave behind. I could no longer bear neither my heavy body nor my indecision. I wanted to find again the dynamic Giouli who could set boundaries and was proud of herself. 

In January 2021, I set very serious self-improvement and personal development goals. So I decided to start a detox for 30 days and at the same time research why all this was happening to me. Why while I didn't want to drink I finally gave in, why I considered alcohol necessary for my fun and relaxation, why while I could control most things in my life, I couldn't control this? So, I stopped drinking and started the research, books, podcasts, articles, seminars.


Three years later I am healthier and more intuitive than ever, fitter than ever, more optimistic than ever and prouder than ever.

I followed my intuition and from the vicious circle of beating myself up every day, I embraced myself with grace, found my true strength back, managed to write my first book, get a publisher, run a social awareness account on Instagram @anef_alcohol, be a mindfulness instructor and became a certified Freedom Coach. The best of all is, that I'm living my dream, helping as many people as I can to meet their truth and live the life they deserve. I want to share with the world exactly what made me meet the best side of me.



Because when we are better, our world is also better,

and free is the way we enjoy it better!


My Integrity Statement

I prioritize an alcohol free lifestyle and I am dedicated in personal growth and well- being. My mission is to help and guide people reach their personal choices regarding alcohol consumption by respecting their individual preferences.  My services are based on open-mindedness, respect and understanding.


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